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Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes some of the most delicious fruits and veggies of the season. But the next time you visit your local farmers market or grocery store, consider opting for organic instead of conventionally grown produce to help reduce your everyday toxic burden

I’d like to finish out my series on functional lab testing today with gut function tests. As you all know, one of my favorite sayings is “heal your gut, heal your body!” So you can imagine how important understanding what’s really going on in the digestive system would be to me! 

Sadly, this is an area that is still unrecognized by many traditional doctors, so if you go to your gastroenterologist and ask for one of these tests, they may raise an eyebrow and tell you you’re wasting your money. Let me just say this: you would not be wasting your money.

One of my favorite topics has always been cleansing and detoxification. However, on my travels across the country for many years, I’ve often noticed that it’s not been a popular topic with Americans. Is it possible that things are changing?


During the first free showing week in September, there were over 1.25 million views of this astounding documentary featuring testimony from healthcare practitioners, scientists, veterinarians, parents, and others about the health risks of genetically modified foods, and amazing health recoveries from switching to a non-GMO diet.  The response has been incredible! Watch the Video Here.

I’ve decided to continue talking a bit about my favorite topics. Last week Pandora brought you H.O.P.E. (High fiber, Omega oils, Probiotics and digestive Enzymes). This week it occurs to me that you might like to hear a bit about pH. (It’s a bit of a fishy story.)

Most of us don’t think much about our gallbladders, but when we do, too often it’s associated with pain. It can be pain in the upper right abdomen that might also be felt in the right shoulder, to the back or even the area under the sternum (breastbone). A gallbladder attack can even mimic a heart attack. There can be nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, constant itching (from bile salts entering the bloodstream), light stool, and many other symptoms too.

Did you attend the Brain Chemistry presentation with Belinda Beal @ Gunnison Vitamin?  Follow the links below to take the Braverman Assessment and discover your own unique strengths and weaknesses.  Belinda will be doing a follow-up presentation to discuss individual test results and solutions for imbalances.

It's no secret that kids are picky eaters.  Their preference would be chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese, cookies and crackers every day if they had their way. But a diet high in processed and refined foods, and low in fruits and veggies has far reaching consequences, especailly on little bodies. 

Omega Content in Various Oils

Good Fat, from Better Nutrition Magazine
By Karolyn A. Gazella

Just how important are essential fatty acids? Maybe even more valuable than a daily multi.

Not that long ago, it was believed a low-fat diet was the key to good health. This led to an onslaught of low-fat processed foods, which really wasn’t such a good idea, as scientists have confirmed that the low-fat food craze actually made us fatter and sicker.